The Vinyl Hour – 2019-08-22

Okay Boys-N-Girls of Fine Radio Stature, Welcome to another exciting episode of ‘The Vinyl Hour’!  Tonight’s show will include a second installment of ‘The Bob Show’!!! When we last left off, ‘Bob’ had brought up some much way-cool music from

The Vinyl Hour – 2019-08-15

Welcome ‘Good Radio Listeners’ out there in Radio Land, to the show that just won’t go away… ‘The Vinyl Hour Radio Show’!!!  Tonight’s exciting episode will include our Good Buddy, Sir Hal!  Many of you long time listeners know just

The Vinyl Hour – 2019-06-27

Tonight’s show is a rebroadcast due to circumstances beyond my control… Thank you for your patronage ‘Good Radio Listeners’… You will be rewarded next week with a brand new show! Peace…     Ned