Queens of Noise 5/9/18

Late start today at 8:20pm! Sorry for the minor delay. Highlighting some old school jazz/soul/classical artists today.

Queens of Noise 4/25/18

Join me tonight for two hours of hip hop! Starting it out with some local talent; Jayyroot, The Muzes, and Treezy! Then delving into some of my favorite artists such as Lucy Camp, Dessa, and Alyssa Marie! New tracks from

Thanks for listening! A diverse playslist tonight including 3 new tracks from Dessa’s newest release Chime. Check out this super interesting article about science and music, and how it inspired Dessa to help create an album. https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/23/17021626/dessa-chime-music-neuroscience-psychology-love-philosophy