Queens of Noise 1/10/18

Thanks for listening! Sorry the show was cut about 20min short tonight. Don’t forget to become a member @ KYRS.org Like Queens of Noise on Facebook Email me @ queensofnoise@kyrs.org       Read an article about Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora

Queens of Noise 12/27/17 “Best of 2017”

Your host’s pick for the best of 2017!! I picked all these artists for their unique, versatile sound! There is rock, rap, punk, jazz, alternative, synth pop, vocalization, electronic, and even a sequenced drum line track on this playlist.  

Queens of Noise 12/20/17

All new releases tonight! I wanted to fit in as much of 2017 as I could, I know I definitely missed some stuff!

Queens of Noise 12/6/2017

Some feel good vocalists and producers to start the evening off and then some international queens for your listening pleasure. End the night with a little electro swing 🙂 if you feel like getting your dance on. Thanks for tuning

Queens of Noise 11/22/17

Thanks for listening! An article on the song “Garden” by Ghostly Kisses featured on tonight’s show! Today’s Song: The Numb Grieving of Ghostly Kisses’ Melancholy “Garden”