8/26/19: Loke (Ruth) Aloua on Indigenous Nonviolent Resistance

Host Taylor Weech talks with Loke (Ruth) Aloua about her work in nonviolent resistance, specifically to the actual and proposed future development of telescopes on Mauna Kea, imagined possible futures, and more. In the second half of the show, more

8/19/19: Rabbi Michael Davis on Palestine Solidarity

Host Taylor Weech talks with Rabbi Michael Davis about his visit to Spokane’s Unitarian Universalist congregation for a weekend of discussion and exploration of his own story and the broader story of being a Jewish faith leader in support of

8/12/19: REBROADCAST Bill Aal on Sustaining Activism

Host Taylor Weech talks with Bill Aal about his work leading groups in social healing, sustaining movements for the long haul, and incorporating holistic self care into our personal activism. For more information on his work, visit www.toolsforchange.org.  

8/5/19: Chris Crass on Anti Racist Feminist Organizing

Host Taylor Weech talks with long-time activist and writer Chris Crass about his work in bringing white people in to anti racist organizing, men into feminist praxis, and building powerful grassroots movements to transform society. For more about Chris and

7/29/19: REBROADCAST Shahrokh Nikfar of The Persian Hour

Host Taylor Weech is joined by host of KYRS’ The Persian Hour to talk about life as an Iranian-American, the latest developments between the two countries, stories of returning to Iran after years away, and much more. You can listen

7/15/19: P.E. Moskowitz & Kate Burke on Gentrification

Host Taylor Weech shares two related interviews on gentrification: The first features journalist and author of “How to Kill A City”, P.E. Moskowitz about their research across the U.S. and world on the persistent patterns of gentrification and strategies to

7/8/19: Dahr Jamail on The End of Ice

Host Taylor Weech interviews author Dahr Jamail about his book, “The End of Ice” and the stories about climate disruption, connecting to the plane, his career as a journalist and war correspondent, and more. You can read more about his