Long Waves 02-21-2018 Are We Done Yet?

The news  is that the internet is functioning as designed. To redesign the internet or to install “fact checking” AI would destroy the initial idea of the internet and undermine forever the prospect of access to information without concern about

Long Waves 02-14-2018 Oligarchy Again

This episode examines whether various forms of fascism are present in the US. Some authors have made the observations that not only minorities but many Americans are threatened by various example of fascism in the US. One example is found

Long Waves 02-07-2018 Violence and Reflections on a Cause

Despite Trump’s claims of truth and openness, he continues to neglect real reporting in his decision making.  Launching Tomahawk missiles against Syria in response to claims of a Syrian gas attack do not take into account the evidence that there

Long Wave 01-24-2018 Surveillance, Lies, and Cold War

This episode explores the history of deception and lies from the US intelligence services beginning with the Church Commission Report, and it explores the necessity of strict controls and oversight of intelligence agencies if the US is to protect its

Long Waves 01-10-2018 National Decadence

The malaise that continues to undermine the US begins with unbridled capitalism which reduces citizens to base creatures always at each other’s throats. The notion of a shared community in increasingly privatized and purchased while the people grow more divided

Long Waves 01-03-2018 The Great Unraveling

A free society cannot exist without free journalists and accurate reporting of news. Yet the US press has become progressively more concentrated in ownership and journalists who step outside of the “official” stories and discourses find themselves ostracized, unemployed, and

Long Waves 12-27-2017 Reflections on Our Current State

Using the writings of contemporary cultural analysts, this episode examines the effects of living in an empire on the inhabitants. Of special interest is the necessity to follow the official news in ones beliefs and discussions. The influences of these