Just Us 2019-02-24

We spoke with Alisha and Lara, the creators of the podcast ‘Drunch’. We talked about pop culture as it relates to the national discussion about intersectionality. We also talked about the newest attempts to defund clinics along with the related ‘gag’

Just Us 2019-02-10

In our first ‘Unqualified’ edition of the show, we provided dating advice to listeners who submitted questions and lampooned dating advice given to women during the 1950s.

Just Us 2019-02-17

For their centennial, we talked with Spokane NAACP leaders Kurtis Robinson, Sharon Randle and Dr. Jim Mohr about the history of the organization as well as the great successes throughout its history. We also discussed steps moving forward in the continued fight for justice

Just Us 2019-01-20

We talked with Kurtis Robinson about racial equity in the Spokane County criminal justice system – including racial disparities, a new jail, and the SRLJC.

Just Us 2019-01-27

Kevin and Autumns talked about midcentury dating tips for women as well as current events in the news. Also talked about it being Holocaust Memorial Day.

Just Us 2019-01-13

Talked with Cynthia Hamilton and Susan Brudnicki with Women+s March on Spokane. We discussed the importance and history of the march. We talked about how inclusiveness is key to making events like it a success.   

Just Us 2019-01-06

Spoke with the Director of the art exhibition ‘FemFest’ during the first part of the show. Then talked with Beth and Shawn from the Spokane SANE foundation about sexual assault nurse examiners and their great benefit to the community and

Just Us 2019-4-14

Spoke with Stephanie Widhalm – Center Director and Forensic Interviewer and Linda Safford – Director of Development of Partners with Families and Children about the important work they do for families with children and young adults who are survivors of

Just Us 2018-12-30

Did a recap of some of the years events, the highs, the lows and moving forward into 2019. Highlighted gun violence and the need for reform.

Just Us 2018-12-23

This week we talked about all things holidays: how we celebrate, family traditions, building new traditions, gift giving and getting, and Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies.