Ace of the Obvious 2019-02-02

Review of the Week’s news, including: Afghanistan, Venezuela, US Suspends Nuclear Treaty with Russia, Trump’s Foreign Policy, Davos (uber-rich get spanked), Trump’s Undocumented Employees, Border Wall, the WHICH Hunt, 2020 Presidential Race, For the People Act of 2019, News Outlet

Ace of the Obvious 2019-01-26

Review of the week’s news, including: Climate Change, Venezuela, Gov’t Shutdown/Boarder Wall, the Which Hunt, Supreme Court, MAGA Hats, Women’s March

Ace of the Obvious 2019-01-12

Review of the weeks news, including: Climate News, Coke in China, Middle East, Syria, West Africa, Russia Collusion, Shutdown News, Prime Time Politics, Polling, Ag-Gag, Lieberman/ZTE, Presidential Candidates, Ginsberg Sick, Racist Congressman, and Bullying in the Era of Trump.

Ace of the Obvious 2019-01-05

Review of the weeks news, including: Ultima Thule, Chinese on the Moon, N. Korea, Elections in Congo, Syrian “Troop Withdrawal,” US Corporate Bribes in India, New President in Brazil, More Tear Gas at the US Border, Truth about the Shutdown,