Loveseat 2019-03-13

I talked about religion. 4 people texted me throughout the show with comments and questions. Imagine a world without religion.. there are about 4,200 of them on Earth…

Loveseat 2019-03-06

I shared what I learned from Joe Rogan podcast #1250. He interviewed British writer/journalist Johann Hari, who has spent years researching the history and impact of drug criminalization. The war on drugs began with a racist by the name of

Loveseat 2019-02-27

“Surrender your fear. Something will come that is greater than what the fear is trying to protect.” – Mooji We fear, and therefor hate, what we do not understand. Strive for understanding.

Loveseat 2019-02-21

Our pain and suffering comes from our alienation from nature, other people, work, and self. Products/things are substitutions for our true self. Find your true self. Healing power resides in all of us. Have courage. Be aware. Quit identifying with

Loveseat 2019-02-14

You are responsible for your own happiness. Attachment is not love. Happy V-Day!

Loveseat 2019-02-07

Satsang – a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering.  Be true to you. If you learn the skill to hide it, you may never overcome it.” – Mooji

Loveseat 01-24-19

“The habits you created to survive will no longer serve you when it’s time to thrive.”

Loveseat 01-17-19

There are places where you don’t think that you can go But you can; To those dark and lonely places That left an impression On your soul – A roadmap that, If you will, always leads you back to those

Loveseat 01-10-19

Tell me no more of the suffering you have endured at the tongue or hand of another; I am cold and do not understand the attachment to that.