Sounds of Science 2019-06-23

Squids could thrive in climate change, history of sun in the moon’s surface, the Fermi paradox and possibility of aliens, how grass shortcuts evolution.

Sounds of Science 2019-06-16

Today on Sounds of Science we discussed how gut microbes may be affecting the efficacy of certain life-saving medications, how zebras’ stripes allow them to regulate their temperature, the surprising friendships male dolphins can form through different foraging techniques, salt

Sounds of Science 2019-06-09

Today on Sounds of Science we discussed the surprising age of organ cells in the human body, the potential for the Parker Sun Probe to find new information about solar activity, new findings showing us that bees can link symbols

Sounds of Science 2019-05-19

Today on Sounds of Science we discussed different pathways of the brain that allow us to make decisions and learn from our pain, humidity conditions that foster growth of the influenza virus, how bumblee diets affect their ability to polinate,

Sounds of Science 2019-05-12

Today on Sounds of Science we discussed discoveries related to the ancient beginnings of the universe, the affect of dams on native species, new ways to stop the progression of Alzhiemer’s Disease in its tracks, ways humans are speeding up

Sounds of Science 2019-04-28

Today on Sounds of Science we disccused how climate change is affecting the breeding grounds for Emperor Penguins, microrobots that allowed for nanoparticle delivery for medicine, and new human bones found in Bolivia, proving hunter-gatherer societies may have been present

Sounds of Science 2019-04-14

Today on Sounds of Science we discussed the first photo of a black hole, a new microsensor for hydrogen gas that will allow us to power hydrogen cars safely and efficiently, new studies on the health effects of outer space,

Sounds of Science 2019-03-31

Today on Sounds of Science we discussed a woman from Scotland who is unable to feel physical pain or feelings of anxiety and fear, deep groundwater on Mars that could play a role in the formation of fractures observed on

Sounds of Science 2019-03-24

Today on Sounds of Science, we discussed electricity-eating bacteria, how food affects teeth growth (and the development of languages!), ways to cleanse the air oof ammonia cleanly and safely, and how economic difference correlate with standardized test scores.