Sounds of Science 2019-09-08

Today Amaya and Blake talked about a reactor that converts carbon dioxide into liquid fuel, the final days of the mother octopus, the human sense of “softness”, water treatment options cut roundworm infections, genetic regions associated with left-handedness identified, and

Sounds of Science 2019-09-01

Today, Amaya, Blake, and Chloe discussed a new quantum time order, how small dosages of psychedelic substances can increase creativity, genetics behind homosexuality, advancements in materials in solar energy, and the benefits of thorium reactors.

Sounds of Science 2019-08-25

Today, Blake and Amaya discussed memory retention, why humans shouldn’t like coffee, Tea-Tree genomes, Jupiter Plumes, contributors to dream recall, and sustainable forestry and biotech trees!

Sounds of Science 2019-08-18

This week, Amaya and Blake talked about Cyclo-Carbon, the building blocks of life, Octopusses on ecstacy, Biodiversity amd the impact on ecosystems, Superconductivity, and 3D printing the Human heart.

Sounds of Science 2019-08-04

Amaya, Blake, and Chloe talked about European radioactiv cloud in fall 2017, Wisconsin teenagers hospitalized from vaping, Mental health and making choices, Prenatal estrogen levels and Autism, Cat allergies and their diets, Language learning and the internet

Sounds of Science 2019-7-28

On today’s show, Blake and Amaya talked about Einstein’s general relativity, identical twin epigenetics, a new cause of aging discovered, brains imagination pathways may hold clues for altruistic behavior, the globe is warming faster now than in the last 2000

Sounds of Science 2019-07-21

Talked about nervous cells and hallucenations, accelerated quantum computing, self driving cars and data collection, metronomic nuerons, and gut bacteria and food allergens.   Amaya and Blake were on the show.

Sounds of Science 2019-07-14

Today on Sounds of Science, we discussed hidden black holes, the affect of otter extincton, how peptides can form without amino acids, and new cancer treatments that can overcome resistance.

Sounds of Science 2019-07-07

Today we spoke about how climate change is affecting heat waves in Europe and why certain insect eggs are spherical while others are a hot dog shape.

Sounds of Science 2019-06-30

Today we spoke about how DNA from a Neandertal jaw revealed European Neandertal lineage that lasted 80,000 years. This helps us understand the Neandertal history of Siberia and Europe.