This Won’t Hurt A Bit 2019-03-10

On today’s show, Hallie from the Inbox guest co-hosted as we finished up our pledge drive week.  We talked a bit about medicine this week in the news.  We also discussed stroke as well as talked about the health ramifications

This Won’t Hurt A Bit 2019-02-17

On today’s show, Mark and Erika had a heart special in honor of Valentine’s Day and heart awareness month.  We talked about TAVR procedures, how to find a perfect mate, MI, and takotsubo syndrome.  We also played some fantastic music!

This Won’t Hurt A Bit 2019-01-13

On today’s show, Sam, Mark, and Erika talked about the great Influenza outbreak of 1918.  They also discussed osteoporosis, colonoscopies, and the Sin Tax.  As always, music was utilized to accentuate the stories.

This Won’t Hurt A Bit 2019-01-06

On today’s show, Erika invited Nikki Lockwood, a registered dietitian and activist in our community, to sit down for a dialogue about nutrition and healthy eating.  They discussed whole foods, easy ways to incorporate changes to be healthier, and played

This Won’t Hurt A Bit 2018-12-30

On today’s show, Mark and Erika celebrated the end of 2018 with a discussion about the top ten most googled questions about healthcare.  We also discussed New Year’s Resolutions as well as the new transparency law taking effect January 1st. 

This Won’t Hurt A Bit 2018-12-23

On today’s show, Mark and Erika celebrated the upcoming holidays with a Christmas special.  We talked about Santa’s health conditions, and even had a surprise call in from Santa!  We also discussed safety at Christmas.

This Won’t Hurt A Bit 2018-12-16

Today on the show, Mark and Erika spoke about Susan Potter and donation of bodies to science  We also spoke about medical records and EHR as well as probiotics.  Since Mark was on the show today we also showcased some

This Won’t Hurt A Bit 2018-12-09

On today’s show, Mark and Erika talked all things Vegas and used Vegas music to showcase stories.  We talked about being sick and how to deal with it, wasp based antibiotics, and brain eating amoebas!

Healthcare Dialogue 2018-12-02

On today’s show, Mark and Erika discussed various topics while celebrating and honoring the music of Metallica.  We talked about questionable medical tests, kids ingesting lego heads, and beer belly tumors.

Healthcare Dialogue 2018-11-11

Today on the show, Sam, Erika, and Mark celebrated Veteran’s Day by discussing veteran’s health issues as well as topics in the news and fad diets.