SOS-Spokane 2019/3/7

This Thursday we hosted the KYRS Spring Fund Drive. Thank you to all our listeners!

SOS-Spokane 2019/2/28

Today’s guest, Hollis Higgins, is the secretary of Spokane’s chapter of Veterans For Peace. He announced that the organization’s international conference will be held here at the Spokane Convention Center this coming August. We also discussed a wide range of issues

SOS-Spokane 2019/2/21

Our discussion of the Dark Web included how it differs from the Surface Web, and how it exists as a tiny portion of the Deep Web.

SOS-Spokane 2019/2/14

James and Paul talked addressed a number of important recent, but lesser reported news stories.

SOS-Spokane 2019/2/7

Ingrid Sub Cuc is an indigenous native activist and Spokane health care professional, born in Guatemala. Our conversation centered around historic U.S. policies, interference, and its many consequences to the detriment of Guatemala’s native population.

SOS-Spokane 2019/1/31

Paul and James engaged in conversation concerning current news stories.  Items discussed ranged from the newly awarded MacArthur Foundation grant for criminal justice reform in Spokane County to an update on the 100 mile Constitutional suspension of the 4th Amendment, ongoing struggles between

SOS-Spokane 2019/1/24

Shivon Brite is a member of the Assiniboine People, Program Director/Director of Strategy of Agin Services at Empire Health Foundation, and a member of the Tribal Partner Leadership Council. Topics discussed included  comparisons with cultural framing,  myths and facts concerning

SOS-Spokane 2019/1/17

Today’s topic was the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the history of free speech. We began the show by introducing a new periodic segment to the program in which we speak with KYRS staff and volunteers working behind

SOS-Spokane 2019/1/10

Paul and James engaged in a conversation about the ongoing federal government shutdown. Emphasis was put on its impact on the lives of Americans and the history behind these shutdowns. Some of many harms the shutdown has and may well

SOS-Spokane 2019/1/3

James and Paul discussed the incoming House of Representatives and, from a Progressive’s perspective, issues that ought be addressed. These include: passing a continuing resolution to keep the government running, climate change legislation via the New Green Deal, passing the Peoples’ Budget,