Though Old Ghost could easily be dismissed as another alt-pop album, Renata Zeiguer’s haunting vocals create a fresh yet familiar listening experience that distinguishes her from the rest. She was a musician first before delving into the singer-songwriter scene, and this is somewhat discernible on the album as her airy, delicate voice can be considered akin to that of an instrument. It consistently comes through as clear and as pretty as a new spring day, but sinks and climbs to new heights on each track, notably enhancing the overarching themes of playfulness, longing and sadness. Zeiguer’s vocal range is impressive, but not showy in the slightest.

With songs named, “Dreambone” and ”Neck of the Moon”, Zeiguer has created a world all her own. Most of her tracks have a very clean, catchy dream pop sound, but these melodies are often interjected by elements of gritty shoegaze rock and colorful tropicália. Yet her voice keeps it all cohesive. It even adds a quirky softness and charm, retaining that listenable factor that pop music tends to offer. And so, in just 34 minutes, Old Ghost offers a very distinct and unique listening experience demarcated by a sound that refuses to conform and demands to exist.


Review by Hana King