KYRS Seeks Volunteers!


KYRS seeks a Local News Writers, Office Assistant, and other volunteers. Call the station for details 747-3012, or email info (at) k yrs.o rg

Outreach Coordinator:  Just a few hours per week. Lead efforts to help raise awareness about KYRS in the community. Sign us up for outreach events, post our events on electronic calendars. Work from home or at the station.

Office Assistant: 2 hours per week. Help answer phones, do data entry, etc.

Communications Coordinator

This is a volunteer position, 2-4 hours per week. Keep regular positive communications with KYRS members and the public.

– Maintain KYRS Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts with regular posts

– Periodically update website with current news and events

– Periodically generate and distribute press releases regarding new programs and station news

– Post our events on electronic calendars



Join the KYRS Local News Team!

KYRS Seeks Local News Writers/Reporters. Help produce KYRS Local News. Strong English skills, fact-checking, copyediting, attention to detail. 5-6 hours per week. This is a volunteer position. For more information, contact

KYRS seeks Treasurer for Board of Directors. This is a volunteer, officer-position of the KYRS Board of Directors. The Treasurer is responsible for reporting to the board on key financial activities and the assessment of organizational fiscal health. Must have accounting experience and affinity for our mission. For more information, please email or call 747-3012

KYRS seeks members for the Board of Directors. Serve your community by joining the KYRS Board of Directors. Help raise funding for the station, build community partnerships, and make policies. For more information, please email info @k y or call 747-3012


More about KYRS

KYRS-Thin Air Community Radio is a non-profit, non-commercial community station. Since 2003, Thin Air Radio has served the Spokane area with local arts, culture, news and music, filling needs that other media do not, providing programming to diverse communities and un-served or underserved groups. Our signal reaches more than 400,000 people, in parts of six counties. We produce more than 40 local programs, all hosted by volunteers, including the only locally produced LGBTQA, youth programs, open poetry, non-profit news, a poverty issues program, environmental news, and an Arts program, just to name just a few. Our music programs span the genres and highlight local and independent artists. Three years in a row, KYRS was voted #2 Best Radio Station in the region by readers of the Inlander weekly. Streaming 24/7 at