KYRS Seeks Volunteers!

Outreach Coordinator:  Just a few hours per week. Lead efforts to help raise awareness about KYRS in the community. Sign us up for outreach events, post our events on electronic calendars. Work from home or at the station.

Office Assistant: 2 hours per week. Help answer phones, data entry, etc. Call KYRS for more information 747-3012 or email  info at k yrs. org

Volunteers needed for the annual silent auction, November 17th. More details HERE


Communications Coordiantor

This is a volunteer position, 2-4 hours per week. Keep regular positive communications with KYRS members and the public.

– Send regular email news updates to KYRS list

– Maintain KYRS Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts with regular posts

– Periodically update website with current news and events

– Periodically generate and distribute press releases regarding new programs and station news

– Attend staff meetings if possible

– Maintain regular communication with volunteer coordinator and station manager

For more information or to apply, email info at