Your business or organization can have announcements on KYRS!  Read on, or use the form at the bottom to contact KYRS Underwriting Coordinator Michael Moon Bear.

KYRS is a non-profit full power community radio station broadcasting a wide variety of music and public affairs programs on 92.3 & 88.1 FM and streaming live on the Internet at KYRS reaches a large, creative, well-educated audience of dedicated/committed listeners in Spokane and reaching as far away as Kettle Falls, Sandpoint, and Ritzville. KYRS provides you an unparalleled opportunity to have your message heard by the most diverse, independent, and active listenership in the area.

Let’s do the numbers:

34% of those polled say that KYRS is their favorite station

18% say they listen to 30 or more hours per week

50% tune in between 6-15 hours per week

The average age of KYRS listeners is 24 – 45

Through The Inlander’s Readers Poll, Spokane radio listeners have named KYRS in the top three most-listened-to stations in the area, and it has received high praise from the region’s media critics.

Now, let’s talk about you!

When your business or organization works with KYRS, we provide you with on-air announcements that help you reach our highly desirable target audience. Loyal listeners who like to be in-the-know about all the community has to offer. To a great extent, that’s because they are active and involved in the community. And with only four announcements per hour, they do notice, remember and appreciate businesses and groups who support their community radio station!

What types of businesses and groups sponsor KYRS programming?

All kinds! Including large and small businesses that offer goods and services, entertainment, information, special events, and cultural, educational and recreational opportunities. This also include a wide variety of non-profit organizations and individuals.

Why not stick to advertising on big commercial radio stations?

Almost always, announcements on KYRS are far more affordable! KYRS schedules no more than four underwriting announcements per hour. That means your message won’t get lost in a clutter of commercials. To compare, one hour of prime-time commercial radio could contain as much as twenty minutes of commercials. KYRS enhances your image by demonstrating your support and concern for the community. You support the diverse programming that our listeners value and enjoy.

How does radio compare to print advertising?

* More than any other medium, radio stays closer to the consumer for longer periods during prime buying hours.

* Adults 18+ spend more than three hours per day listening to radio, considerably longer than they spend with newspapers (less than 37 minutes).

* Using radio along with newspapers increases your reach among light readers and younger consumers and adds impact by increasing the frequency of your message.

* Studies show ad size has little impact on ad recall, so you can decrease the size of your newspaper ad and redirect those dollars into radio.

How does supporting KYRS programming improve our community?

In an era when corporate media mergers are homogenizing information and entertainment, KYRS is in a class all its own. We bring you locally produced Spanish-language programming (Latin Lounge & Democracy Now! Headlines in Spanish), LGBT (Queer Sounds & This Way Out), youth culture (Raise Your Voice, Detention, & Dragonflies on Thin Air), environmental issues (Tipping Points, Earth Matters Now!), legal issues (Law and Disorder), local music (Homegrown Radio) and so much more. KYRS offers independent music as diverse as Bluegrass and Folk, to World and Funk.

Local music, local people, local issues: KYRS is your best partner on the Spokane airwaves!

Contact Michael Moon Bear at 509.624.7573 or email